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Vous songez à démarrer votre propre entreprise d’organisation de garage et tirer parti d’une des industries ayants la croissance la plus rapide d’Amérique du Nord? Vous envisagez d’ajouter une ou plusieurs de nos gammes de produits qu’offre votre entreprise établie?

Garage Outfitters effectua des recherches sur les marché Québécoise pour dénicher des solutions d’organisation et les systèmes de stockage de la meilleure qualité et qui sont les plus innovantes sur le marché. Aujourd’hui, nous demeurons le distributeur canadien exclusif de ces marques prestigieuses. Nous avons aussi négocié les MEILLEUR PRIX possibles, afin d’assurer à nos concessionnaires une valeur supérieure et une rentabilité maximale.

Vous souhaitez devenir un distributeur de produits Garage Outfitters au Québec? Pour plus d’informations sur la disponibilité et une tarification avantageuse veuillez nous appelez au 514.779.6696


The demand for home organization products is continuing to grow, as consumers increasingly invest in these products with the desire to bring order into their homes and lives. Another driver is that busy dual-income families, with little time for cleaning, are looking for easy and convenient organization solutions. Demographic trends are also boosting sales in the industry. For instance, as empty-nester baby boomers downsize their homes and search for ways to organize in more limited space. In addition, the rising number of children under five years old is creating greater interest in organization products designed for them.


Other factors to consider if you are thinking of becoming, or already are a dealer, are that a growing number of new homes do not have finished indoor storage areas, such as basements, that could require solutions to maximize these spaces. And as home sales rebound, homeowners will add value to their homes by investing in built-in organization systems as well. Furthermore, the increasing number of homes with two or three-car garages is creating a consumer desire to optimize these large storage areas. Bedrooms and closets are also continuing to contribute to the escalating demand for home organization products.


Dealers can choose from one or more of our product lines. No minimum purchase is required and there is no obligation to purchase an entire line. We accommodate the needs of dealers across Canada with large and small businesses. If your business is located in or near the montreal area, we invite you to visit our showroom to view a large variety of the eye-catching product lines available for you to offer to your customers. See full installations of garage cabinets, wall slat storage systems and accessories, closet organizers, epoxy and polyurea floors, and other home renovation ideas. Showrooms in other major cities across Canada will be coming soon.


Garage Outfitters is committed to delivering a superior dealer experience. We are available to answer your questions and offer assistance. Orders can be made available for shipping in as little as 24 hours, or picked up depending on your location. Our service and support is second to none. We’ll even provide you with manufacturer’s product images, videos and marketing material to help you succeed and, whenever possible, refer local area customers directly to you and provide leads to help you build your business. All dealers are guaranteed superior value and maximum profitability as we negotiate the lowest possible prices.