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Garage Outfitters has earned a respected place amongst some of the top Canadian owned and operated companies in Ontario by offering premium products and services backed by over 10 years of outstanding customer service within the industry!

We have provided our customers with groundbreaking space efficiency and storage solution options that have changed the lives of countless individuals, households and companies! We’ve pioneered in Toronto the line of services we provide which includes doing everything from getting down and dirty in heavy duty clutter removal, sifting and reorganization. Our work ethic has been the same from day one; clear-cut honest service, unrelenting attention to innovative advancement in technique and the integrity at heart that we expend on every project being as if it were done in our own family home.

We are a company dedicated to delivering a multitude of commercial and residential design concepts. Combining the efficiency of ingenious design concepts with the attention to esthetic detail that sets a tone for anyones design tastes in home/office decor and interiors.

Our vast area of professional expertise ranges in services which include but are not limited to: Polyurea floor coating systems, space efficiency/storage solutions for indoor/outdoor environments using various materials/mechanisms as well as providing custom made furniture/cabinetries to be used in countless applications within closets/bedrooms, offices, kitchens, garages/sheds, basements, large commercial spaces and much more.

Garage Outfitters is a proud representative and official applicator of Citadel Floor Coating Systems, offering residential and commercial clients full Polyurea floor installments in a single day and finishes in several styles and colors combinations. We also install concrete coating on any caliber of areal coverage and offer car lifts as well. For decorative vinyl chips involving Full Chip Coating Systems, we exclusively use Torginol, Inc. ColorFlake blends.

We pride ourselves on using the highest in quality industrial materials and the lowest level of VOC containing products that may be toxic, harmful to humans or pollutant to environmental resources. Our custom made furniture is designed to accommodate countless implications for use with different combinations that create closets, wall beds, pantries, mud rooms, entertainment centers, home offices and wall units to fit your exact space and specifications. We confidently use hardware and materials from Custom Cabinets, an industry leading custom furniture manufacturing company. Our talented team of invaluably knowledgeable space efficiency and storage solution experts, have an unparalleled ability to turn any area of household into a powerfully functional place that exudes your mastery over your space.

Let us show you the incredible possibilities that reside in the hidden aspects of your home by applying our skills in space analysis and knowledge of innovative design solutions to change your garage into your hobby space, a cluttered shed into a gardening center, or a den into a sports storage unit with near Olympic capabilities in functional efficiency. We believe in providing every necessary means of educating our clients and customers on the subject of involvement within our services by offering complete disclosure of both our operative processes and the products, chemicals, raw/industrial materials that go into any of the services which we offer.

Our devotion to providing the highest standard product lines and services, along with unsurpassed industry expertise, puts us in the forefront of today’s most competitive construction trade ideals and we strive to set a standard of excellence within our field and remain true to everything that has shaped our fundamental values in treatment of employees, customers and the environment – which we believe is the duty of every enterprise to protect.

We don’t just customize furniture or garage space, we cater to your every whim and desire, from budget and idea, to wildly imaginative prospects in things never done before in a simple space! Let us help you truly create a home out of your house, a safe haven out of avoided areas and sheer perfected organization out of hopeless mess and clutter!

Our Guarantee

Garage Outfitters has earned a trusted reputation because we stand behind our products and services. We offer a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty on all of the products we sell, and ensure that they will be free of defects in material and workmanship. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our residential service and unbeatable warranties for commercial and industrial projects.


At Garage Outfitters, we remain passionately committed to building our business and brand reputation by providing top notch customer service and by striving to exceed our customer’s expectations. Your satisfaction is our top priority – even after you purchase, and the reason we have maintained our brand reputation and customer loyalty.

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